Innovative NDIS 

Psychosocial Service

Hi, I’m James...

I provide innovative, personalised NDIS services to people with psychosocial diagnoses in all walks of life.

I believe that mental difference is not mental illness. The challenges many of us face are not because we’re different, it’s because it takes a lot of work to thrive in a system set up for "an ordinary life". Anyway, I’m different - and loving it.

I’m an independent worker, the only agenda I work with is yours. My approach puts you in charge, and I’ll help you to know how to do the things you want to do. You know yourself better than anyone else and you’ve made it this far - and maybe you can use me to help you get to the next bit.

I’ve been working in the NDIS since it started in Melbourne in 2018. I completed the Cert IV in Mental Health in 2020 and tried but didn't complete the Diploma in Community Services and the Diploma in Counselling - yet. My best training has come from experiences and relationships with people who use the NDIS, from reading heaps of books and listening when professionals and people talk. I’ve also got lived/living experience of mental difference and have been through lots of the lifestyle impacts that come with that. 

My service style is informed by years working with people in all sorts of roles - hospitality, accredited training, education support and more. I take pride in  delivering a very high level of service to my clients.

I’m not a psychologist or a counsellor or a support worker, I’m a person with some skills and knowledge and ways of communicating that come in handy when navigating the NDIS - and life…

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