"You are delivering a service that is perfect for me right now in my life, you have helped me immensely in a short space of time, there are twists and turns in our sessions and you bring everything together so beautifully. At this stage seeing you on a fortnightly basis is important to me, you meeting me where I am at in those sessions is important to me, while it may take one hour to regulate myself and get on track, that hour is important to me, despite being on my own internal journey of heightened emotion the way you help me navigate through is equally as valuable as the session itself. "


"I believe you deserved top marks (6's) but I could have put 5 cause there is always room to grow and I feel like you might have preferred I find this stuff hard to put into words, but in terms of what's important to me..I think to re grow some of my independence with my plan and gain new skills to be able to self manage some of it in the future. Having some more personal but obviously still professional experiences with you to help me see my value and experience what my brain likes and is suited to, do some more of the recovery part and have some fun!! And also help with the home maintenance stuff in line with what can be facilitated and justified in my plan, that and Finding a cleaner is a very high priority and time sensitive. Overall, thanks for being a rad human, having an enquiring mind and being an ndis knowledge and networking wizard. I appreciate you and I wouldn't have a workable plan without you. "


"It's important to have someone with strong working ethics as yourself and really glad that I'm able to be looking forward to my goals in the future such as being more independent and receiving reliable information from you on how to achieve them. One of the most important things is having someone that will advocate for me which I see you do all the time. Thanks for the great work!"

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