Psychosocial Recovery Coaching 

Basically, this is me being there with you to talk through your thoughts and feelings as you live your life, no judgement or opinions, just honest reflection and facilitation - plus support coordination, advocacy and NDIS admin. How we do that is up to you…

Remedial Support Coordination

Unhappy with your NDIS Plan and current Support Coordinator (or lack of…)? We can work together to sort it out and make a plan that works for you. Once it’s working, I’ll help you to manage it yourself or connect you to a decent Support Coordinator for the long term.

Self-Management Capacity Building (Individual and Group)

Believe it or not, the NDIS can fund you to learn how to manage your own plan. This doesn’t mean you have to do all the work, it means you’re in charge of how your funding is used. There are still compliance rules but no price limits and no restrictions on who or what you can use to achieve your goals. We can work together to set up an action plan with more freedom and choice that’s personalised to your life.

Outcome-focused 1-1 Facilitation

I’m not the support worker that turns up at the same time and does the same thing every week. I support transformational outcomes, not maintenance. If you want change of any kind - or even just to chill out a bit - whatever that means, I’ll work with you to find the ways to make it happen.

Social and Capacity-Building Group Programs

Ever sat in a mental health group and wondered what you’re doing with your life? These group sessions are not that. 

Meaningful Programs for NDIS Psychosocial Participants and Allies is designed for mentally diverse people to support self-actualisation through innovative capacity building and social connection. 

Also, just to do something different and spend time with some interesting people.

I partner with local people, businesses and other groups to create real experiences and connections that change the narrative from living with mental health to celebrating mental diversity. 

General NDIS Advice and Referrals

No-fee advice and referrals for people not getting what they need elsewhere. I don’t know everything but I know where to look and I have a pretty good network of Psychosocial Collaborators to call on for whatever you need.

Professional Coaching and Mentoring

Find yourself wishing you could have a support person like you are for your clients? Need someone who gets you to bounce ideas off and work through sticky challenges? 

I provide coaching and mentoring to Psychosocial workers in various roles and can help you connect you with peers and professional development adventures...

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